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domestic-cooking-range.pngThe South African government is in the process of introducing safety standards for Paraffin stoves because of the high social costs of fires – it is estimated there are 50,000 paraffin related fires per year which accounts for 3,000 deaths, 50,000 related burns and an estimated 200,000 homes destroyed.

Alternative energy sources are therefore being actively encouraged by the government - municipalities currently are providing the poor communities free Gel stoves & gel on a monthly basis & gel on a monthly basis.

Greenheat is looking to break into the paraffin market because of it’s huge potential.

  • 18 million South Africans use paraffin appliances daily. Even those with electricity use paraffin because it is cheaper.
  • 80 million litres of paraffin are used annually

Currently there is very little alternative to using paraffin – Greenheat believes with proper marketing the gelfuel will develop its own market.


Cooking Gel 750ml     Cooking Gel 1L     Cooking Gel 2L     Cooking Gel 5L    ​                   

    Cooking Gel 750ml                 Cooking Gel 1L                    Cooking Gel 2L                    Cooking Gel 5L


Double Plate Gel Stove 

             Double Plate Gel Stove


agriculture2.pngGreenheat Gelfuel is used instead of diesel and other noxious fuels to heat orchids and vineyards to safe-guard South African crops from frost damage. Clean burning Gelfuel improves export quality.

Heaters - Orchid excl fuel - 10lt        

Heaters - Orchid Excluding Fuel - 10L



Fire Starter Sachets (12 Pack)     BBQ Firestarter Capsule 

              Fire Starter Sachets (12 Pack)                             BBQ Fire Starter Capsule


Fire Starter Gel 500ml      Fire Starter Gel 1lt

       Fire Starter Gel 500ml                    Fire Starter Gel 1L      



Camp Cooker and 200g Tin      Camping Cooker Refill

             Camp Cooker + 2 x 200g Tins                                Camping Cooker Refill     


Eco Stove and 350g Tin      Eco Stove Refill Tin 350G

             Eco Stove and 350G Tin                                        Eco Stove Refill Tin 350G


Trangia Stove Gel Fuel 200g Tins 

         Trangia Stove Gel Fuel 200g Tins



Chaffing Dish / Baine Marie / Fondue 500ml Bottle     Chaffing Dish - Baine Marie - Fondue Gel - 200g     Chaffing Dish - Baine Marie - Fondue Gel - 5 Litre Bottle

    Chaffing Dish / Baine Marie /                   Chaffing Dish / Baine Marie /          Chaffing Dish / Baine Marie /

       Fondue 500ml Bottle                                     Fondue Gel - 200G                      Fondue Gel - 5 Litre Bottle


firebowl-range.png Greenheat Decorative Firebowls and Gelfuel add ambience to every home.

Decorative Firebowl - 350g Tin     Chaffing Dish / Baine Marie / Fondue 500ml Bottle     Chaffing Dish - Baine Marie - Fondue Gel - 5 Litre Bottle

      Decorative Firebowl - 350G Tin                     Firebowl - 500 ml Bottle              Decorative Firebowl Gelfuel 5L



  Oil Lamp 1L Refill 

                 Oil Lamp 1L Refill



Heater and 305G Tin     Heater Tin 350g

               Heater + 305G Tin                                          Heater Tin - 350G