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Eric Barrett formed Millennium Gelfuel in Zimbabwe in 1996. In 2000, Millennium Gel won their section in a Renewable Energy competition hosted by the World Bank. The World Bank also provided research and development grants to Millennium Gel and tests were carried out throughout Africa e.g. Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Senegal, Mali, Malawi & Ethiopia on the Greenheat Gelfuel as an alternative fuel to wood, paraffin etc.


In 2000 Greenheat South Africa was opened in Durban to supply Gelfuel to the USA & UK. Currently Greenheat have factories and warehouses in Durban and Johannesburg. Research and development is constantly being done to improve and create new products. Eric is considered to the leading authority in the world on Gelfuel.  


To source, develop and market a range of environmentally friendly flammable products that represent safe, clean and cost-effective alternatives to traditional wood, charcoal and toxic petroleum products.  

To assist Government, NGOs and the private sector with the development of Ethanol Plants & Gel factories, creating employment from renewable agricultural sources. 


The Gelfuel is an alternative fuel source to electricity, paraffin, methylated spirits, LPG, wood and dung. It is made from Ethanol which is derived from sugar cane and other renewable agricultural sources.

Gelfuel is is renewable, safe, clean, non toxic, non explosive, environmentally friendly & efficient. Gelfuel has a wide variety of applications. The burn time, flame colour and gel consistency are specifically formulated for each application.

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 The benefits of Gel over conventional petroleum products or firewood are :   


  • The fuel is a gel & therefore does not spill like liquid fuels eg paraffin
  • Water can be used on spilt gel to put the fire out (the gel can then be scrapped up & reused)
  • The gel is non flare, non explosive, non splash, non toxic
  • Stoves are exceptionally stable


  • The gel burns clean & odourless - only very low CO2 emissions & water vapour are emitted.
  • It can be used indoors & near children & pets as it does not pollute (paraffin is poisonous & can cause asthma etc)
  • No black soot or smoke is emitted, pots & pans stay clean
  • Food is not tainted


  • Fuel can be extinguished & reused
  • Household consumption is approximately 10Lt Gel per month cooking up to 50 meals for a family of 5 depending on the type of meal & size of meal.
  • Monthly cooking & lighting costs will be cheaper using Greenheat Stove, Gel & Lamps Stoves are high quality when compared to the average paraffin stove
  • The Gel Stove has a Regulator which allows efficient use of Gel ie food can be simmered

      Eco Friendly

  • The gel is made from renewable agricultural sources rather than fossil fuels/deforestation
  • It burns clean (ie CO2 neutral)            


distribution2.pngOur factories and warehouses are located in Durban and Johannesburg, with appointed dealers and retailers, focusing on specific markets and products.